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By artsafe ·
How can we set the desktop wallpapers on windows 2000 / XP workstations permanentely either from server windows 2000 or from work stations as admin

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by dmiles In reply to Desktop Wallpaper

Since these are company computers,you could request that all employees have to set wallpaper as specified by company.

Trying to set policy to restrict users from changing the wallpaper may require more work that you relly want,but is may or may not be done by using a script

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by curlergirl In reply to Desktop Wallpaper

You can set and enforce desktop settings only through the use of policies. To set and enforce a wallpaper selection throughout the domain, you could do this at the domain level using the Default Domain Policy, or you could create separate OU's for separate users and create separate policies depending upon which OU's the users belong to. This can get quite complicated. But if a domain-wide policy will work for you, you can simply edit the default domain policy by opening the console on any Win2K DC (Administrative Tools/Domain Security Policy), then navigate to the Administrative Templates/Desktop/Active Desktop folder, where you'll see a setting for Active Desktop Wallpaper.

Hope this helps!

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by dsweatt In reply to Desktop Wallpaper

What we did was this: In Group Policy(default domain policy)\User Configuration\Admin Templates\Control Panel/Display we set the following:
Hide screen saver tab=enabled
Password protect the screen saver=enabled
Screen Saver=enabled
Screen Saver Executable name=logon.scr
Screen Saver Timeout=1200
1. Makes it so the screen saver tab in display properties is hidden so users can?t change it, which they can otherwise until group policy is applied again.
2. Screensavers can?t be turned off
3. All computers have the windows logon screensaver and are password protected
4. Screen savers come on with 15 minutes of inactivity and the computer locks.
We did this mostly for security, and really should be set to come on much earlier, but can?t get management to budge on this. You can specify whatever scr file you want but it MUST reside in the default location on each machine.

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by hdumas In reply to Desktop Wallpaper

You can set the wallpaper permanently by going into the registry. Under the current user run regedit, go to HKEY_Current_User\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\System. If the System key does not exist create by going to edit on the menu, select new and key. Name the key System. Highlight System and create two strings name one string Wallpaper and the other string WallpaperStyle. Right click on WallpaperStyle select Modify. Enter the Value 2 for stretched, 1 for tile, or 0 for centered. Highlight the string Wallpaper, right click, and select Modify, entered the address of the wallpaper that you wish to make permanent ie; C:\WINNT\Web\Wallpaper\snowtrees.bmp
now close the registry, you may have to log off and back on for the changes to take effect. You may need to give the user admin rights to work in the registry because it must be done under the user you wish to restrict. Wallpaper can still be changed under the paint program you might want to delete this by using the disk. I,ve used this with great success although it does take an investment in time.
good luck Harry.

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