Desktop Wallpaper Shifts When Locking Workstation - Windows XP

By matthewbrandt ·
I have a very simple problem that is annoying me, and hours of Googling have gotten me nowhere - when I lock my workstation (Windows + L or ctrl-alt-del) the wallpapers of my desktop (as I have a dual-screen setup with my laptop) shift to the left by about 4-5cm. The result is that the wallpapers looked like they moved from one screen to another, but that one part is still on the other screen...I would attach a screenshot but am not able to put anything with this post.

I beg anyone for a solution??? I would be very grateful.

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re: Wallpapers

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Desktop Wallpaper Shifts ...

You say WallpaperS, as in plural. Do you have different wallpaper on each monitor? If so, what are you using to display those different wallpapers? Maybe a 3rd party application? Or, maybe setting the desktop as a web page?

Also, what Operating System and version? What are your system specs, specifically the graphics card?

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I've just tested exactly what you've described ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Desktop Wallpaper Shifts ...

I setup an Acer Aspire 1363WLMi (GeForce FX5200) 15.4" screen + a Hanns-G 22" monitor in each of DUAL VIEW, CLONE, and HORIZONTAL SPAN.

In each case, when I invoked the screen lock, nothing untoward happened to the wallpaper.

Perhaps you can tell us what you've got and how it is set up?

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RE: Specs Set-Up

by matthewbrandt In reply to I've just tested exactly ...

Thanks for your replies so far. I have an IBM T43p 15" with a supplementary 22" Belinea VGA-attached monitor. I am using DisplayFusion v2.2.1 to have the desktops, but the problem happens without DisplayFusion too. My graphics card is an ATI FireGL 5200, not sure about the MB capacity, laptop has 2GB RAM. I used the Windows Desktop wizard to set up the screen (as an extension of my desktop, not a clone) and the same thing happens as when I use DisplayFusion. Let's see if we can work out why this is happening...

EDIT: Sorry, running Windows XP Professional SP3.

EDIT: It seems the problem is with DisplayFusion! However, I still don't have a solution to lock my desktop with dual monitors that doesn't shift the background when it's locked!

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