Desktop will not turn on but the power light turns on, Problem?

By Amandahinkle ·
Right so last night I leave the computer running and turn the monitor off liek ususal, I close all problems but Trillian and Steam As usual. I go to bed about 9:30 pm

I wake up around midnight and turn my monitor on, thinking I had maybe heard a beep or something to wake me up, I turn ont he monitor and nothing happens. the afterglow controller I keep plugged iinto the comptuer was off and I heard no fans running. So I shut it off, but it won't turn back one when I pusht he power button, even though the power button light comes on. The comptuer is plugged into a power strip that keeps a Fan, TV, Desktop lamp (all three worked by the way, even the monitor)

The case is gateway, I beleive the motherboard is as well, the power supply is about 2 months old, It has 6 GBs of Ram on three 2GB sticks, and a Wifi card from D link.

this computer has never shown any signs of malfunction save for the Microphone and headphone jacks in the back mostly due to them gettign jerked by mistake.

Anyone help me?

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Even though the power supply isn't old,

it still could be bad, so you may want to check it out. Also, since you need to open the
case to check the power supply, might check all peripherals, RAM, CPU and graphics
adapters to make sure they haven't worked loose. Give everything a good cleaning if
dust is inside. First item to check is the power supply, then the RAM, then CPU and
finally add-on peripheral cards.

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Start with the simple things

by OH Smeg In reply to Desktop will not turn on ...

A power spike may have hit the unit so Unplug the Power Lead from the case and press the On Button for 30 seconds to discharge the Capacitors on the M'Board and in the Power Supply.

Then plug the Power Lead back into the case and see if it works now.

If it does then you are fine but if it doesn't then the above answer applies.


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