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    Desktop/Windows Display Fonts


    by pointman253 ·

    I recently salvaged a DELL Inspiron 3200 that had Win95 OS. I upgraded to Win98 and later ME but could not get the desktop fonts to change out of a very ancient style. It appears to be some type of “Arial tech” font with larger bases and slim points. Not uniform at all. Words with the same letter will appear with each letter looking different. I have tried all available changes in “Display” and Appearance settings without any valid results. I have also downloaded the latest drivers from DELL and Neomagic but the malady remains. Any suggestions?

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      by aronya1 ·

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      This is probably not going to be the answer you were looking for, but I’d recommend a format & reinstall. My experience has been that OS upgrades are not a good idea. It is much better to format & install fresh if you feel the need to change. Windows rarely, if ever, fixes any underlying problems by upgrading, and often makes a situation worse. Start from scratch & your problem will be fixed, I think.

      Also, you’ll get better performance from the machine if you use the OS it was designed for. I just reimaged a Toshiba laptop with a Celeron 700mhz & 64mb of memory. Someone upgraded the OS from WinME to Win2000. Taking it back to the original setup increased the performance 300%, at least.

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