By noorul.hasan ·
Can anyone guide me how to use desktra freedom desktop application.


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did you read the manual (RTFM)?

by w2ktechman In reply to Desktra

what about help files?
What, are you expecting an implant to tell you how to do something on your own???
Why not look for info on the website?
Here is a start -- Free Download and Users Guide
also -- Quick Setup Guide
Are you f**king stupid or something??? If it is worth having, maybe you should learn how to use it. WTF is your f**king problem dumba$$???

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by Bizzo In reply to did you read the manual ( ...

It probably wasn't meant to be funny, but it did make me chuckle.

Maybe we could use that as a standard response?

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by w2ktechman In reply to Thanks.

Actually, it was kind of meant to be funny, and insulting

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did you read the manual (RTFM)?

by noorul.hasan In reply to did you read the manual ( ...

Whaaaat f**king problem dumba$$???

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by Dr Dij In reply to did you read the manual ( ...

Wow, he's learned gud engish!
Seriously, it is important to know curse words in any language :)

I'm thinking since Indian, he probably has a stolen copy of whatever this software is. Not racist or country'ist, just reality.

I see chat boards filled with requests by Indian users for stolen e-books .PDFs and bittorent sites are filled with warez.

This may be a cultural thing. They haven't as a group created enuf intellectual property to respect the effort involved so they don't steal it, similar to the Chinese stealing and selling counterfeit DVD movies, music CDs, and the great majority of their copies of software being illegal.

It's even hard to get away from here. I helped a former employer recover and re-index some corrupt data tables. I told them I would do it free, they had been good to me in the past. Never the less I was ply'd to accept by current person as a 'reward' two CDs with e-book PDFs by oreilly and others.

I kind of had to accept them even tho I had not much use for them. I can read these online plus many more on the acm site and my books 24 subscription for others.

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