Desperate for Help WIth FTP Problem

By LHodgdon1124 ·
We have an application using pure FTP in a shell program. The program works fine with my home WIFI - in fact it works with everything but the embedded card. Windows firewall is not an issue.

The problem seems to be with either Gobi2000 or Verizon. Verizon insists there is nothing on their end. (Computer is Motion Slate.)

The problem exists when running FTP from command line too. I AM DESPERATE!!!!!! ANY THOUGHTS?????

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Desperate for Help WIth F ...

It works on Wfi at home?
To the same server and port ?
Think you are looking in the wrong hole here mate.
If it works on wifi with no network cable plugged in but doesn't with wifi off and a network cable to the same destination (not on your home network), then it's your machine or your router.

If you are doing wfi to a server on your home network and anything else to one outside of your network, then it's anything between your PC and the destination.

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by LHodgdon1124 In reply to erm

FTP code (on the same machine) works all the WIFI I have established connections with, but does not work with the embedded air card. I can get an internet connection, but I cannot use FTP, even from a command line. The only firewall associated with the machine is windows 7 firewall. When turned off, the same problem exists. The destination is always the same, the FTP client is the same and the code is the same. (Again, using FTP outside the program from command line, the results are the same.)

The machine is using gobi2000 and verizon. The error is typical of a firewall error, "could not open data connection to port xxxx connection timed out." FTP executes to the point of data transfer (creating a 0 byte file, ) and then stops.

Even stranger - until two weeks ago, the machine had no issues with FTP.

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Your Wifi card won't get the same IP as your Ethernet card

by Slayer_ In reply to Desperate for Help WIth F ...

At least, not normally, your router will hold the lease of the IP address.
Port forward your router to the new IP address or statically assign both IP addresses to be the same.

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