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Despertly seeking HELP!!

By chatioc99 ·
I have an 8 month old pc that I've now reformatted 13 time 3 of which were yesterday alone.To no avail,I still have major problems & the company "E-machines", isn't worth a flip,they will not & have not helped me at all.My problem is,pc is freezing up,kicking me off line,opening and closing programs at will(not mine).The reason I belive it's a worm/trojan is because in task manager,there are 6 to 8 "svchosts.exe"running.I've looked these up and am aware that "svchost.exe",is an essential windows program,but I've also discoverd it could be a worm/trojan.and with 6-8 running,I kinda just took a good guess.The problem is even after reformatting & partioning there still there,and frankly I can't handle it acting like this!!PLEASE HELP!!

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by keith In reply to Despertly seeking HELP!!

First do not reconnect to network or internet, Then install your antivirus and manually install the Updates, Then Install micrsoft antispyware and updates, this will let you know if you have a virus/spyware, but seems to me you have a hardware issue like a powersupply, or cpufan?


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by willcomp In reply to Despertly seeking HELP!!

6 to 8 instances of svchost.exe listed in processes is normal. So that is not likely your problem.

I also don't believe that your problem is software related if problems occur immediately after a clean install of XP.

Since programs are opening and closing without action on your part, try a different mouse first.

If that doesn't help, post a comment to your question and we'll see what else comes to mind.


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by willcomp In reply to

Got your message. Expound on what "can't do anything" means. It will help me and others also. I prefer to add comments instead of using private messages in most cases. That keeps others informed as well.


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by willcomp In reply to

Just add a comment to your question with additional info.

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by dmiles In reply to Despertly seeking HELP!!

The problem seems to point to software,which could be why they are not responsive,yet after the third install I would have tried returning computer while it is still under warrenty.

PC Hanging
Check your video driver for update,reset the memory,may sure you have latest updates to hard ware

Kicked off line could be the configuration settings,check the ISP connections under Internet Options,check for call waiting setup
Do you have the line close to any other wiring that may be causing interference or you could have a bad line?

Check the bios configuration to insure that your setting are configured properly.
Cpu running at correct speed
System may be overhaeting,check all fans,check that memory modules are seated properly

If possible run a diagnostic program and then follow the previous answers with disconnecting and disabling system restore,before running any malware/spyware utilities

Hope this helps

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Despertly seeking HELP!!

Well the obvious thing to do is not only reload but first use a utility that writes 0's to every sector and then reload.

That is the only way you can be sure that something that was on the HDD is not causing any problems on a reload as it is a very common occurrence as even the Format option only writes to every 3rd sector.

But I would be looking at a Hardware failure firstly and send it back to the supplier for a repair while it is still UG. On a lot of these off the shelf type units they have an underrated Power Supply that can cause all soughs of problems and it is the responsibility of the maker to fix it up properly. If they can not you then have the option of either demanding a replacement unit or a refund.

Find out what consumer protection Laws apply where you live and make the manufacturer comply with these laws but at 8 months old you should not have any problems in getting them to fix it up.


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by ericam636 In reply to Despertly seeking HELP!!

My suggestion would be to low level format your computer. That sets your hard drive sectors to all "0" and leaves absolutely nothing on the drive and will take care of any possible viruses. Just go to google and do a search for low level format, there are several to choose from. Another problem could be that you have a bad installation disk from E-Machines. And one more suggestion, always use a firewall and antivirus software.

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by ch_orin In reply to Despertly seeking HELP!!

I've run into this and have really found a great way to get around it.
1) Make sure you have a few spyware, ad-aware and AV software programs loaded locally. Also make sure they all have the current signatures and are updated. (I use ad-aware, spy-bot and AVG- all free!) Once done, make sure you go into the configuration of each and check EVERYTHING thats possible other than the obvious (skins, etc.)
2) Once complete, reboot the machine and disconnect physically from the internet.
3) Go into documents and settings (profiles XP) and delete History, Temp, and Temp Internet files that are under all profiles.
4) Run all three programs and delete and/or quarantine all things found. Once complete, reboot in "Safe mode" and run all 3 again.
5) Once clean (Mine have been about 95% of the time!) Run a defrag and schedule a scandisk for next reboot.
6)Reboot and let it complete the scandisk.
7) Login and check the results.

If it is a virus/spyware, etc- it should be caught and killed. Svchosts.exe is just a generic host process name for services that run from dynamic-link libraries (DLLs). (See MS TID #314056)

Hope this helps, let me know what comes of it!

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by wlbowers In reply to Despertly seeking HELP!!

Open a command window. Type the following depending on the os.

Tasklist /svc

In 2000
tlist -s
Shows services running by svchost.

My Xp computer has 6 instances of svchost running, and they all are legal.

If you boot to a cd and format the drive before loading the machine will be trojan and virus free.

After I load an os and install the updates, the first thing that is installed is e-Trust eArmor.

This way if any of your floppies have a virus e-Trust will catch it.

If you don't have an active updated antivirus and firewall running you can pick up a virus just by going to a webpage.

I mean just by clicking on the page link from Google. As soon as you hit the page they got you.

Good Luck


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