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Dessert anyone? except gg / mm.

By Jaqui ·
I gave a neighbor the nickname Dessert a while back.
[ cause she presents an excellent argument for skipping dinner and going straight for dessert ]:) ]

here are 3 pics of her, one not so good, 2 that are actually really good shots.

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It's a

by rob mekel In reply to Dessert anyone? except gg ...

typo, isn't it
You did mean desert, right.


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How about THIS for dessert?

by jardinier In reply to Dessert anyone? except gg ...

I will quite likely have my membership suspended for this, but I am feeling VERY NAUGHTY !!

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Edit your post, Jules

by gadgetgirl In reply to How about THIS for desser ...

you need to put a porn warning on there, pretty quick.

Have you any idea how many of us get onto TR from work? ergo, how many of us will be setting off triggers from monitoring programs?

Doesn't apply to me because of my job, but I bet there are numerous peers out there who won't thank you for getting them into trouble with management....

Please note, I'm not saying remove it, that's up to the peeps at TR Central; I don't find this offensive, it's just a normal female form, but porn filters normally go on the amount of flesh coloured content, so barring/triggering/monitoring will just about be a certainty.

And the next time you're feeling naughty, I'll know to avoid the post!!!


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Yes Your Majesty

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Edit your post, Jules

I totally agree she hasn't shaved under her arms it's totally offensive. :^0

And she doesn't dye her hair properly either. ?

Now if you had not mentioned this in another thread I wouldn't have gone looking. :)

Col ]:)

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sorry, Col

by gadgetgirl In reply to Yes Your Majesty

I guess I thought you may have "homed in" on Jules' you're telepathically nearest to him.

and the fact she could plait her underarm hair....well....



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Must be one of those

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to sorry, Col

Earth Mother Types from the look of that photo which looks as if it's professionally done. :)

Pity that she hasn't dyed all her hair properly.

Col ]:)

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probably didn't want

by gadgetgirl In reply to Must be one of those

to risk follicleitis

(yes, it's real! I'm just not sure how to spell it!!)


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Well working with Plastic Surgeons

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to probably didn't want

I'll let you in on a little secret. B-)

That discolored area of skin at the inside top of the leg is always used to create a new nipple in Breast Reconstruction Surgery. Just please don't ask how I know that one.

Col ]:)

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now Col

by gadgetgirl In reply to probably didn't want

you didn't really expect to get away with that, did you?



How you know that?!


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I can't tell even you Your Majesty

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to probably didn't want

As it's a Trade Secret in the business but I did say that I used to do Medical Work so that's a bit of a give away by itself isn't it? :0

Also I don't want to make you throw up.

You should see some of the pictures that I'm exposed to by Surgeons they make that one look positively tame and because they are all Medical Photos they are not considered as Soft Porn.

The finial results look OK but the steps taken to reach them are enough to make you sick. I've seen a entire series of Sex Change Photos from start to finished product Really Scary Stuff There. Not to mention the instruments used in surgery. :^0

What made it even worse is I had to put together a Slide Show for one Surgeon on one of these Operations as a Display Piece for a Medical Conference recently, well in the last 18 months and it was only done under protest and severe Blackmail by the Surgeon Involved. It's very hard to say No to someone standing over you with a scalpel after they have made the first incision and then ask you quite nicely to do something. Suspected Skin Cancer sucks particularly with this guy as he know how to get his own way. X-(

Col ]:)

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