Destkop Management Solutions for multi Windows Domains?

By jwells ·
Can someone point me to some solutions:

We are trying to magage or push out windows updates, do some basic maintenance, keep inventory of both hardware and software installed on workstations as well as maybe some day providing some form of remote support/trainning.

I have used the following products in the past:

1. Remote Scope

2. Spiceworks


3. Belarc

I am aware of Microsoft's SMS product, but I do not have any experience or heard positive or negative feedback on SMS.

I would like to have a program/solution that combines the best of all 1, 2 and 3.

Thanks for reading and posting your thoughts/solutions.

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Looked at Symantec Altiris?

by robo_dev In reply to Destkop Management Soluti ...

It does all that....

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by shasca In reply to Destkop Management Soluti ...

This what we just decided on. They provide training as part of the package. You can arrange to get a Virtual device that you acn demo to see all its features in your environment.

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Thank you Both!

by jwells In reply to KBOX

Both of these look promising. Now on to making some calls and doing a bit more research before I even bring this up at our meeting.

Thanks again.


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by shasca In reply to Thank you Both!

Get the Kace system so I will have someone to ask questions of when I need help.

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Another one

by tardcart In reply to Destkop Management Soluti ...

Desktop authority is a nice piece of software as well. It gives you the ability to push to clients, remote control desktops, monitor users and lock them out with the click of a button. It can be deployed in the background with no knowledge of the users.

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Desktop Authority

by smithnwesson In reply to Destkop Management Soluti ...

Kudos to desktop authority.

We really enjoy using this desktop management solution in our company.

We were able to remove all logon scripts and group policies - this tool can handle drive and printer mappings as well as outlook profiles configurations, inventory reporting, patch management, power management and more.

With something they called "validation logic" user settings can be applied on a very granular way.

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