detailed instructions on how to set up a bdc on server 2003

By joe ·
I have a server running os 2003 I have been asked to set up a backup domain controller on it to act as a failover if the main controller stops working can someone please give me detailed instructions for this

Thanks Joe

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Looking for the same answer

by nwaldera In reply to detailed instructions on ...

I have the same issue. My PDC is a 2003 R2 and the backup is 2003 SP2. I am in a small environment where there is only one forest, and the intended BDC is mainly used as a Database server.

The other issue involved with this, is the PDC was upgraded from SBS 2003 and there are still some lagging AD hangovers from the SBS.

If i understand correctly,you don't have to run adprep if it is a single forest if you are not upgrading the OS version. I believe that you can run dcpromo and it will do the rest. Now, if i want this to be a true backup, do i need to add the DNS and DHCP roles as well?

Thanks in advance!

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Additional Domain Controllers

by BFilmFan In reply to Looking for the same answ ...

Set up DNS.

Verify that it is functioning correctly.

DCPromo the server into the forst.

Make the domain controller a global catalog server.

If you need to failover the FSMO roles to the DC from the current role holder, you will need to do this manually.

For Small Business Server

For Windows 2003

I recommend that if you need lots of extra help and steps, use the reference books, as the steps to implement AD will vary with each environment's settings.

Record those steps and create a document library.

It will be valuable when asking for a raise and mentioning during an interview on new positions.

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by nwaldera In reply to Additional Domain Control ...

That was the quickest response ever. I also just found this; on the PDC, under the manage your server, select the Explain this role under the domain controller role. Here it provides a step by step to setting up an additional DC to the forest.

Secondary question however, if the PDC is a global catalog server, do i want to make them both GCS's or do i remove the role from one of them?


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