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Detailed steps Defragging priv1.edb?

By amikucki ·
What i am looking for is a detailed approach on how to defragging the priv1.edb file:

I have currently come across a problem with my exchange server that runs off a Microsoft Windows 2000 platform; apparently I have allowed my priv1.edb file to get out of control. I am now faced with a shortage of memory do to the fact that this file has grown and has taken up nearly ? of the system drive. It seems that the solution to this would be to defrag the priv1.edb file with a system tool called ESEUTIL; however, I am very unfamiliar with this process and was wondering if anybody has done this before? If so, what would be the proper procedure to successful minimize this database file without corrupting and destroying it?

Any useful information about the priv1.edb file would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance?

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Yes, Exchange 2000 makes it easy. Dismount the store and change to the directory exchsrvr/bin and do a eseutil /d {full path to the priv1.edb file}. Complete instructions can be found here.;en-us;192185&Product=exch2k

Hope this helps.

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by sysnetmgr In reply to Detailed steps Defragging ...

I have done this many times. 2 things to think about first, you need to have 1.5 times the size of your priv1.edb on the HDD free in order to run the defrag. You need to know the path locations of your Exchange database (.edb),Log files(prefix with E0n), System path (E0n.chk),transaction log (E0n*.log, and streaming database (.stm). The ESEUTIL WILL NOT WORK unless you have enough space. It is also worth checking that your database files (.edb and.stm) are consistent and matched. I got my information from article KB296788. This takes hours depending on the size of your database.

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