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Detecting encrypted files in VB6

By lorenzo222 ·
Hello All,
Am writing a simple backup program for my XP machine. The problem I am having is the program bombs when it tries to copy an encrypted file to floppy or CDRW, everything works fine copying encrypted files to a fixed or network drive. I do have and error trapping routine but the program quits before reaching it. What I would like to do is detect an encrypted file and exclude it from being copied to floppy or CDRW, however I cannot find a way to do this. An encrypted files attributes in VB6 are no different from any other file with the archive bit set. The only idea I have so far is shelling out to a command prompt and using the cipher command to find the encrypted files, then exclude them from being copied to any removable media. Am hoping there is an easier way. Thanks in advance for your help

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