Detecting Potentially Malicious Files in Pop Ups I receive

By kevcreamer ·
Hi there - I need some help PLEASE! My new cybersecurity suite can't address this and I need some advice recommendations on websites or apps etc please. My current service blocks any small file or add on to a program or app that is working on my computer. I receive a pop up of the name inside a window so it isn't something I can scan and I don't want to accept it just so I can evaluate it. I am hoping there is some service where I can enter in the text name of file, extension, assistant etc. to verify if it is secure or a potential threat. PLEASE and thank you for your help.
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Tell more.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Detecting Potentially Mal ...

The basic answer is to never accept file downloads. I don't see enough detail to not write anything else here.

The OS, browser, security suite and why would a site pop up a file to download is not shared here.

For now, the answer is to never accept any files.

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