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Determine percentage of a file that has been ftp'd from client to server

By klwillie ·
I want to ftp a large file from a client to a server, using their IP addresses. While the file is transferring, I would like to determine how many bytes have been received by the server. I then would like to use this information to determine in real-time the percentage of the file that has been transferred to the server.

Any recommendations as to the ftp command syntax to achieve this?

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Most FTP clients display the progress of a transfer...

though with broadband speeds it's not as much fun to watch the bytes get
transferred and the percentage count go up, goes much faster. No need
for a special command to show progress, unless the FTP client is configured
to not show progress by default.

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Determine percentage of a file that has been ftp'd from client to server

by klwillie In reply to Most FTP clients display ...

Thanks for your comment. Colleagues have developed specific SW for our client to load and verify files to/from HW that acts as the server. This is an internet independent network. So I need to develop C# code that is compatbile with our SW that illustrates the progress of the file being loaded/read. We have code to GUI illustrate progress. I just need to figure out the total file size and the number of bytes that are being transferred (written/read) at any given time. Any thoughts?

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