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Determining Best Alternative for Internet Access

By cnielson ·
I am fairly familiar with the various options of accessing the Internet... such as Cable,
DSL, FIOS, wireless cards like Veiizaon, Satellite....and of course dial up is always an option.

Present Situation:
I presently have Cox Cable .. with High Speed Access and Cable TV and their Digital Service.

The Problem:

I am about to move from this home very maybe 3-4 weeks... and I am moving into a Mobile Home Park...

There is NO Cable or NO DSL... The Lines that are presently in the park are your basic copper telephone lines... and they are brought undergroubd to the park... many years ago.

Alternatives Considered:

I have learned that this is undependable and easily effected by trees and clouds and a clear vision of southern sky is required.

...Cox I have presently

The issue is that there are no poles in the park sufficient to allow Cox to install cable to my unit.

Here are my ideas to get this is my preferred goal.

1. There is a possibility that I may be able to dig small trench and run the cable undergroubd to my trailer....about 300 feet...
This would involve my callinbg Cox for a site survey..and then digging in the wooded buffer area and get the cable to my unit.

(( Note: There are 3 public utility poles... that bring electicity to a point in the park...where all the electricity is then carried on the less desirable Park Poles.

One person has Cox.. only because they are within that first 3 poles...and Cox could string on those poles...

... Have Cox installed at another unit... within those first 3 poles... and Use a Wireless Antenna to get that signal..

(( To avoid having to dig and bring the cable to my unit..))

... Wireless Cards Verizon
There is a tower nearby and I get good cell phone connection....(( I could use cell phone and hok to my comuter...but that solution is too slow and not dependable.))

So is a wireless card a solution worth considering..and is speed acceptable???

I think I have provided the basic Situation/Problem and Ideas I have considered... and yet I am not sure which one ( or a combination of them or ones I have not considered) get decent speed web to my new home.

Although this has been frustrating, I am also determined in this world of wireless and tecgnology... to find a way to solve this problem.

(( Yes,,, the easiest and not the fastest... is to have the park owner and these services work together to bring them into the park,,,,but the park owner is not motivated ti do so,,,,, and it would not hapoen in a timely fashion.))

I am hoping that some of the members of this forum would be challenged by this... and between us be able to brainstorm a solution...

What would you do.. in this situation?

Best wishes,

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re: Determining Best Alternative for Internet Access

by michael In reply to Determining Best Alternat ...

I went with the Sprint mobile broadband solution since it was the fastest (at that time - about 3 months ago). With a good connection, I've seen it get 1.2mb, but it typically gets about 700k. You can also get a wireless router (Linksys WRT54G3G) that will take the Sprint PCMCIA card (Pantech PX500) and allow you to share it amongst multiple computers like a cable/dsl home network. You also have 30 days (I think) to try it out. If it doesn't provide good access, you can take it back for a refund and cancel the activation. Unlimited service runs about $60/month.

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Here are a couple of ideas

by DadsPad In reply to Determining Best Alternat ...

As far as the mobile home park. It is not the manager of the park, but the residence that must insist on cable access. It may be the people in the park cannot afford the price of cable. However, my mother in law (when alive) lived in a moble home park and, as a retiree, would not live without here cable tv for entertainment. If a petition was signed by enough of the residence, the park manager has no cost, but Cox would have to decide if the profit is worth it.

Thought, have you contacted Cox and asked if you can get cable to you new mobile home? They may have ideas.

Alternative, the Verizon Air Card for a laptop seems to work for people around here. They say it is fast enough and are pleased. Cost is about $50 per month.

Good luck.

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Satelite Internet

by andrenym00378 In reply to Determining Best Alternat ...

That's why some people just go with <a href="">satellite Internet</a>, although it is expensive.

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