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Determining Client Requirements

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What are the best methods used in determining client requirements in any IT project?

What are the best ways in identifying suitable vendors and software?

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by Bristar In reply to Determining Client Requir ...

The best method for obtaining client requirements is to LISTEN! Talk to the client and ask questions that they can understand. Don't be too techincal -- the client will probably not know the difference between running Win2K SP4 and running WinXP Pro (although you should also assess the technical capacity of the client). Also, don't be too condescending -- nobody wants to be treated like a child.

Listen carefully to what the client asks. Try sketching screen shots to get a feel for what they want. Think of yourself as a police sketch artist and your witness says they don't remember what the person looked like. Try to talk offer examples of various scenarios and talk to them in the tecnhical level they are comfortable with.

To indentify suitable vendors and software, be as familiar with as many types as you can so you can offer recommendations. If they ask you for software in a field you are not familiar with, offer to do research and get back to them. Be prepared to explain positives and negatives about each piece and especially try to get ROI (return on investment) information.

Remember that the client wants to make money. They don't necessarily care how as long as it is legal. Help show them how to make it profitable and treat them witht he utmost respect.

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by TechieRob In reply to Determining Client Requir ...

There are only two things required in any client side determination things / diagnostic tesing

WD-40 and Duct tape

If it doesnt move and it should, use WD-40
If it moves and it shouldn't, use Duct tape

Seriously now, you have to have a firm grip on what the client is trying to achieve with the software / hardware. Never underquote the client becasue that makes them complain, but in the same stead, dont over quote (like a 3200+ just to run word) bcause that is just unethical :) What you need to do is discuss appropriate solutions and options available to the client, with the client. And also dont forget to use terminology they understand. If what they want isnt what you suggest, dont let it get to you, but just say what they are missing out on. In the same stead if what they want isnt feasible, TELL THEM

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