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Detroit Mayor faces removal hearing

By jdclyde ·
As we speak (so to say) Michigan Governor J. Granholm is hearing testimony on if Detroit Mayor K. Kilpatrick is to be removed from office.

This is after Kilpatricks lawyers went to court, saying that Granholm does not have the authority to remove him. This argument was rejected, so the procedure is moving on.

There is live streaming from court here.

Background on the case and articles from across the nation can be found here.

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Background on what todays case is about

by jdclyde In reply to Detroit Mayor faces remov ...

There are two questions that Granholm will need to address.

1. Did the mayor authorize settlements of police lawsuits "in furtherance of his personal and private interests"?

2. Did he "conceal from or fail to disclose to the" City Council "information material to its review and approval"?

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Dare to dream

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Detroit Mayor faces remov ...

A POS mayor possibly removed from office due to deceit and corruption??? In a Midwestern city??

If only it were Chicago, and not Detroit.....

Good luck, Michigan!


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He is a slimy one

by jdclyde In reply to Dare to dream

And it really does remind me of the meaning of "is".

They just broke for lunch, and won't be back until 1:30pm. A bunch of lawyers picking and poking, and mostly background information so far.

I think because of this being an election year, the DNC is going to flush Kilpatrick before his dirt can brush off on them. Otherwise, asking a Democrat Governor to remove a Democrat Mayor would have had a long uphill battle, regardless of the evidence. Granholm had the option to choose to not even hear the case, which is the route she would have taken in a non-election cycle (in my not so humble opinion).

He already was DIS-invited to obamas coronation.

This is about 6 years over due.

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Probably right....

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to He is a slimy one

...this will no doubt be mentioned at a later date as proof of a movement to 'change' politics.


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Poke him with a fork. He's done.

by RFink In reply to Detroit Mayor faces remov ...

One of the reporters for the Detroit News wrote an editoral that the DNC wants Kwami gone because it beleives that Kwami could cost the Dems Michigan come November and that's a major reason the hearing's being held.

Imagine that! The Dems eating one their own for the greater glory. :)

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Why else would Granholm have moved the hearing forward?

by jdclyde In reply to Poke him with a fork. He ...

They guy has been bad news for a long time, and his arrogance in believing he was bulletproof finally is what is taking him down.

Did you see the plea for his purgery case, it is being insisted that he DOES serve time, even if it is just a fraction of what real people would have to serve? The number in the free press this morning was 120 days, but that offer goes off the table today and the number of days goes up everytime it has to go back and start over. The prosecutor has also said there will be no deal or restrictions on time if he lets it go to court.

That is before you even consider his assault charge for pushing the cops. Never a good idea, even if you are the gangsta may'a of Deeetroit.

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First time in 26 years

by jdclyde In reply to Detroit Mayor faces remov ...

This will be the first time in 26 years that a Governor will have used their power to remove a sitting Mayor, if this goes through.

Very interesting.

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Who was removed in 1982?

by RFink In reply to First time in 26 years
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Only have this reference so far

by jdclyde In reply to Who was removed in 1982?

"With prosecutors and Kilpatrick failing to agree on a plea deal in his criminal cases, the first removal hearing convened by a governor against a public official in 26 years is scheduled to begin this morning in the state's Cadillac Place Building in Detroit's New Center area."

Tried to google it, but came up empty.

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I found this...

by tcavadias Staff In reply to Only have this reference ...

It will be the first time since 1982 that a Michigan governor has considered the removal of an elected official. The target then was a township official who drank too much, not the high-profile leader of the state's largest city.

and this...

Michigan governors are allowed by the state constitution to remove elected officials for misconduct, but the target never has been the leader of the state's largest city. The last time was in 1982, when Gov. William Milliken let a township official stay in office if he stopped drinking.

and the best for last:

Ousted officials
Michigan law allows governors to remove officials for "official misconduct, willful neglect of duty, extortion or habitual drunkenness."

Here's a look at some of the cases.

Medard Metevier , Mackinac County sheriff, removed by Gov. Cyrus G. Luce in 1890. Accused of going on a five-day drinking spree that involved two assaults, three illegal arrests and threatening the life of a prosecutor. The removal was invalidated by the courts.

William D. C. Germaine , Traverse City mayor removed by Gov. Woodbridge N. Ferris in 1913. Accused of taking $200 in protection money from a saloon keeper and demanding money from others.

Joseph J. Bairley, Monroe County sheriff, removed by Gov. Albert E. Sleeper in 1920. Accused of selling 50 quarts of whiskey placed in his care by state officials during Prohibition.

Peter L. Buback , Wayne County sheriff, resigned before a removal hearing by Gov. George W. Romney in 1968. Accused of fixing traffic tickets and graft involving raffles and government surplus peanut butter.

Andrew Lobodocky, West Bloomfield Township treasurer, reprieved by Gov. William G. Milliken in 1982. Accused of making sexual advances on co-workers. Milliken allowed him to stay on the job if he quit drinking.

-Tammy :-)

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