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Develop configurable home page in ASP

By murali.murugesan ·
How to develop configurable personalized home page like my.yahoo.com in ASP

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Develop configurable home page in ASP

by eBob In reply to Develop configurable home ...

That's a pretty big question! Here's an outline of how I've done that...

1 - Yes, ASP as the base technology. Your choice of scripting language, of course (VBS, Perlscript, server-side JS, etc.), coordinated with your service provider.

2 - Thescript must check for a cookie. If it is not found assume it is the user's first time (although it could be simpoly the user is refusing cookies - but NEVER force a user to take cookies).

3 - If there is no cookie, put up a generic homepage.

4- In your DESIGN, you will have figured out what elements you want to be dynamic. (That is actually the hardest part. That and determining what the real "value-add" to this dynamic is all about.)

5 - Then keep track of any "personalisations" the user makes.

6 - When the user leaves the homepage, set the cookie so that the next time the user returns, you can recreate these personalisations.

a - Keep the cookie small! Use flags and booleans and index keys to a database to store/retrieve the actual data from your server(s).
b - Don't set a separate cookie for each value! A lot of users have "Tell me whenever a site tries to set a cookie" turned ON, and they will tell you that it is exceptionally annoying to have the notification pop up 8 or 10 times per page. And it is NOT an acceptable solution to tell users to "simply turn off that notification". (It is their browser, on their system. And your site is likely not the onlhy site providing the service/information/productof its kind out there. So do not risk alienating users. REF: webpagesthatsuck.com)
c - Only deploy this solution if there is some real value added to the users' experience. Otherwise you're making a lot of work for yourself and risking putting off potential users/clients.

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Develop configurable home page in ASP

by murali.murugesan In reply to Develop configurable home ...

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