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Develop generics with ANYDATA, global temp tables

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
This week's Oracle e-newsletter describes how to build generics with ANYDATA and global temporary tables.

Will you use the tips in this e-newsletter to create generics with ANYDATA and global temporary tables? What type of vector problem does your development team encounter? Let us know by posting to the discussion.

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Esoteric Oracle

by avia In reply to Develop generics with ANY ...

Scott Stephens always manages to divulge the esoteric capabilities of the Oracle ORDBMS. I feel that it's nice to know about these capabilities, but I can't see a use for the things described in this week's newsletter, in our current development projects at my place of work. In any case, I am happily filing them away for possible, future use. Thank you, Scott.


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I'm looking CLOSELY at it!

by AWolfe_II In reply to Develop generics with ANY ...

I have a whole category of data that is dying for ANYDATA! I can't wait to try it out... But I needed to know if it's available on 8i; I'm assuming 9i and following.

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it is 9i only

by swstephe In reply to I'm looking CLOSELY at it ...

Sorry, the ANYDATA datatype is only available in 9i and up. Deep inside the catalog.sql, there is also a note about how *true* generics, (similar to C++ templates), are used internally, but are undocumented and unsupported for the general public, so that is even beyond 10g.

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