Developers not including cancellation options on apps?

By chapmanrackaway ·
The very day I take "Ask to Buy" off of my son's phone (because I wasn't getting push notifications and thought he was old enough) he goes and downloads an app from Luni called "Fitness Coach". It's one of those apps that has a 'free trial' but after a few days automatically starts charging. Here's where it gets weird: cancelling subscriptions should be really easy. But this one isn't. I tried first in the app, but there's no cancellation options. I went to the app's page on his phone's App Store, but instead of "manage subscriptions" there's a "get help" link. No cancellation option. In his iTunes > Subscriptions page there are options for other subscription rates but no cancellation options. And even though he's on family sharing I cannot access his purchases through the iTunes/App stores. Apple support has been no help, submitted a question 4 days ago and no response. Does anyone know if Luni is a legitimate or scam app developer, because it looks like a scam. And is there another way I'm not seeing in Apple's FAQ searches to cancel?
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