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    Developing a CSS strategy


    by maryweilage ·

    This week’s Design and Usability Tactics newsletter talks about developing a CSS strategy. What strategies do you use for developing and maintaining your CSS style sheet files? Do you have a favorite tip that helps you organize your styles? Let us know.

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      multiple CSS and html templates

      by jwnetsource ·

      In reply to Developing a CSS strategy

      Like you, I use multiple CSS files, usually three. One that removes/sets standard browser defaults to aid with cross-browser compatibility. Another that controls page layout, such as headers, navigation area(s), content area, and footers. And one other that sets the various styles throughout the document, such as font-style, link attributes, and whatever else seems to be applicable.

      Also, I document within the stylesheet, what all the css does.

      I have created several html and css templates that I use with different projects without needing to rewrite all the css or basic html.

      Works great.

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        is there a working example?

        by harjitgsi ·

        In reply to multiple CSS and html templates

        Hi there, I like the CSS strategy/planning decribed here, can I have some live example for the same

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