Developing a disaster recovery solution.

By mort ·
I presently service a site running a critical mission environment. The site consists of Windows NT4.0 Advanced Server/RAID5/tape backup and numerous workstations running W98SE with connectivity via 10/100 switch. This site will be upgrading to WIndows 2003 Server and XP Pro workstations in the near future.
However, I am looking for a means of creating an automatic synchroniztion of specific directories which reside on the server with a copy of those same directories on one of the workstations. These specific directories contain dbf files which are continually accessed by the workstations in a POS system environment. The system presently does automatic daily Full and incremental tape backups which provide me with a restore ability on the server.
However, I would like to implement an additional method in the event of a catastrophy. My goal is having a realtime up-to-the-minute copy of these dbf files on a workstation in the event of a disaster with the server. If the server goes down a tape restore would not be possible. This would provide me the ability to instantly repath the workstations to the station with the duplicate copy, allowing it to act as a temporary server, and continue functioning while the server is being restored.
Any suggestions?

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open file? DB supports transaction log shipping?

Check if your DB server has transaction logging option! Since its .dbf chances are remote.

There are tools available to backup real time data even if its a opened file . But you need to test it with your .dbf extension file ( if there would be in any data loss / access problems while using the backed up file )

If that would work , i can suggest some tools!

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The directories also contain other types of files...

by mort In reply to open file? DB supports tr ...

Thank you for your prompt response, however, I apologize if I mislead you when I indicated dbf files. The directories contain other files as well. What I am attempting to accomplish is similar to a live mirroring of specific directories. These directories presently reside on the server for the workstation clients to access during the normal course of business so the dbf files are always open. I am attempting to find a method for mirroring those complete directories to a separate drive on one of the workstations via the network.
In the event of a disaster on the server, I could instantly redirect the paths on all the workstation clients to the mirrored copy. This would give me the ability to have the business up and running in a matter of minutes. There would be a downgrade of performance, however that would better then not doing business. I would then be able to deal with server disaster.
As I had indicated in my first post, I will be upgrading this site to Windows 2003 server and Windows XP Professional clients. The new configuration will be designed with a duplicate mirrored server with a network storage appliance and tape backup systems in an attempt to cover all bases.
For the time being I am looking for a temporary method resolution.
Any suggestions would be appreciated...

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It should be fairly simple

MS Native Tool :

SyncToy would do -- > the basic requirement for this is to have .Net frame work installed , to be frank I have not tried installing .net frame work in NT4 / Win 98

Try installing on a common XP workstation that would surely accommodate SyncToy ( Source / Destination OS can be NT 4 or 98 )


Synchronize it ( ) , I am using this tool for a long time ? it does a real good job with logs even across WAN/VPN bandwidth , for that you might want to spend little amount . ( Demo version available with full feature for testing ? do that before you decide )

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