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Developing Action plan on new job!

By johnd101web ·
What are the top 10-20 things you would do starting a new system admin job? I'm looking for ideas like document LAN, inventory assets, redundancy, network overview, firewall issues, etc. Where would you start if you walked into a new job? What action plan would you put in place to not only make yourself look good, but also make things run smooth in the beginning phase?

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Let me give you a few ideas

by JamesRL In reply to Developing Action plan on ...

Too many times I see someone come in, eager to impress, and they start off with wonderful but impractical ideas.

Plan for this:
Spend time - learning more about the company its culture and its policies.

Spend time - learning about your co-workers/peers.

Spend time - understanding your boss' role in the company, what his goals are for the year.

Spend time - understanding the architecture, recent changes and the roadmap for new projects over the next year.

Don't try to make too much change at once. Too much change can get a backlash. Start modest.

Wanna look good? Start by establish competence with your boss and peers before you suggest huge initiatives. Think before you speak. Ask questions at first instead of making statements full of assumptions.

Wanna make things run smooth? Listen, alot. Ask questions and then sit back and listen to what they say. You need to spend lots of time with your boss and peers in the beginning. Don't pester them but take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions.


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