'Device Driver Installation Wizard' window?

By WienSam ·
I've just fully re-installed a laptop with WXP Pro & MCE but when it boots up I get a pop-up window that is titled 'Device Driver Installation Wizard'. It tells me "device driver installation complete" and tells me 'installation results' which is empty. This happens EVERY time I reboot. Does anybody know how to turn this window OFF?

BTW There are no exclamation marks (or other flags for that matter) in the Device Manager

Can anybody help, please?


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plug & play

by eltonpiko In reply to 'Device Driver Installati ...

you can try stoping the plug &play service in controlpanel-administrative might stop you from geting this pop up but its not recomanded for if theirs any hardware change or problem with you system it will not notify you.

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Just try

by dilumd In reply to 'Device Driver Installati ...

I had this problem with my HP laptop too. To get rid of it hit start then run, type msconfig, go to start up, scroll down list and you will come across an file listed as UIUCU. Click to remove the tick to stop it from loading next time you reboot. It is a driver by conexant that causes the problem and you don't really need it. Good luck,

or try this link

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by eltonpiko In reply to Just try

ive never toght of that.i realy learn new things here everday.

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Interesting - it IS an HP

by WienSam In reply to Just try

Thanks for that. I'll give it a try.

As it happens, this laptop IS an HP - Compaq nx9010

There is another listing in the 'Start' items, which does not even have a label... I unticked both of these (the one you suggested and the unlabelled one) but it tells me I need Administrator rights. This is very od as I am the Administrator and there is only one account which was set up with full Adinistrator rights...

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safe mode

by eltonpiko In reply to Interesting - it IS an HP

try doing it wile in safe mode see if it still ask you administrator rights.

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by mav2k5 In reply to 'Device Driver Installati ...

HOKAY! This is the first time I ever figured this stuff out on my own and posted it. You're welcome! Once the pop-up pops, LEAVE IT OPEN! Close all other windows and Ctrl-Alt-Del. Open task Manager and find the annoying popper. In 'programs', Right click and then 'go to process'. That is what's behind the issue. Now, go to start -> Run -> type "msconfig" -> Chose the start up tab and unclick that process. Forgot the process name already? It might be wise to drink some coffee. For those of you with heart palpitations, it was "UIUCU.exe". KILL IT! Retart the computa and voila! Live free or die hard tryin'!

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