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Device Manager duplicate entries

By crunchedtobite ·
i have changed my device manager to show hidden entries and to my surprise there are multiple listings for alot of my hardware devices. i am running WinXP Pro on an ibm thinkpad 600x 500mhz pent III processor, 512+ mb RAM. How do i determine what to get rid of and what to keep. it lists things i use from time to time as well as hardware i use all the time. mostly it lists my wireless adapter and ethernet adapter a few times and alot of non plug and play devices i do not use, and a ton of USB human interface devices (all multipe listings of the same item like logitech cordless mouse listed 7 times among other things) i used article hack #116 that talks about showing hidden hardware in the windows device manager. the article I found was on tech republic. i forget the name of the book it was from, but you can find it by looking for articles about hacking winxp to make it run faster and more efficiently and how hidden hardware uses up valuable system rescources...
all my hardware is listed as running properly--no error messages, just the multiple listings!

thanks to anyone who can help

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Device Manager duplicate ...

If the unit is working properly just set it back to the way it was as it is working properly. The multiple listings can be for many reasons and none of which are important to the working on the NB.

Generally speaking things like USB devices appearing several times come about because they are plugged into different USB ports each time so if you where to plug in to USB port 1 and then the next time into USB port 2 you would get 2 entries as the new Hardware Wizard would run on each occasion and then if you inserted back into the original USB port the wizard will run again although you may not actually see it.

The same applies to the wireless adapter every time it is turned on it may be given different resources or have existing resources unavailable so it installs itself to use different resources.

These are really the only devices you can remove without adversely affecting the working of the NB but every time that you plug in or use the wireless adapter it will reinstall itself and if you remove the existing installations you may prevent it from connection to the Wireless network and have to setup the connection all over again, the same applies to the LAN adapter built in and this is because you have a NB which is portable and often gets these things unplugged and then plugged in latter when required the fact that you have multiple listings of both LAN devices shows that you are switching from one to the other and that this particular unit is being moved around.

If you where to do a clean install of XP and never unplug anything you wouldn't have this issue most likely, but then again that would defeat the purpose of having a NB in the first place wouldn't it?


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by crunchedtobite In reply to

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by crunchedtobite In reply to Device Manager duplicate ...

well that covers it all almost! i have been out of the computer world for about 5 years and have alot to learn yet, things seem to be bigger and better and COMPLICATED.
as for the device manaager,i figured that's what was happening. i have to reconifigure the wireless adapter alot because of switching and moving around. so it is not eating up 'vaulable system resources', is it?
(an off topic comment.....
i will tell you what does suck the life out of any pc, though. it's those stupid applets that start silently and run in the backround from some elephantine program you install,( because all you wanted was to VIEW the dvds, not create an epic full length motion picture of your boring daily life) and it does redundant things you knew windows was doing in the first place. THEN you get a program to fix all that redundancy and IT does the same thing to your system! )

i was just trying to find out as much as i could about those 'valuable system resources' (especially for older systems like mine) Suggestions welcome.
thanks for your help

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by crunchedtobite In reply to Device Manager duplicate ...

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