device manager troubles

By joeydobbins80 ·
on the tab for other devices and the sub tabs (video controller-vga compatible and Ethernet controller) all three have a huge yellow question mark and if i try to update they say ' the hardware was not installed because the wizard could not find the necessary software'. where do i look to find the software?what software do i use for a emachines d5039 - OS window xp pro - Intel Pentium 4 processor 519k 3.06ghz ?thank you for any help!

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You need the Drivers to allow your Hardware

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to device manager troubles
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ya beat me to da punch.

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to You need the Drivers to a ...

That's what I get for takin' a phone call in the middle of a reply.

anyway... good to see we were on the same page.

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ya I won B-)

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to ya beat me to da punch.

That makes a pleasant change. :^0

Generally doesn't happen and I'm generally the one to get interrupted.

Pity it wasn't last night Lotto that I won though. ;\

Col ]:)

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funny you should say that....

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to ya I won B-)

I normally don't buy tickets, but I did yesterday. Tonite, the drawing's for $120 Mill.

I'll share when I win.

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Here's where to start....

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to device manager troubles

Get the motherboard drivers from eMachines.
Go here:

Your issue is most likely related to faulty or corrupt drivers.

Good Luck.

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reinstalled everything on that page still no help

by joeydobbins80 In reply to Here's where to start....

keep getting the same message after reinstalling every driver on that page none of them help ok heres all info so maybe it can help ya'll out!video controller (vga compatible) -
the drivers for this device are not installed (code 2 -
device type:other devices manufacturer:unknown
location:pci bus 0 device 2 function 0
driver provider:unknown
driver date:n/a available
driver version:n/a available
driver signer: not digitally signed
there's a lot of info on the details tab and I'm not sure what to give.
is there some other place to download the driver the machine is a emachine d5039 - Intel Pentium processor 4 3.06ghz - Intel media graphics accelerator 900

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Have you tried....

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to reinstalled everything on ...

.... removing the faulty devices from Device Manager.

1. Install the latest drivers.
2. Remove each device that has a yellow exclamation mark in Device Manager. (right click and select 'Uninstall').
3. Reboot the machine.
4. Allow the devices to reinstall automatically or manually add them using the Add Hardware wizard in Control Panel.

Sorry if this sounds redundant, but the steps need to be done in that order and it wasn't clear that they were.

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As far as the 'unknown' device goes...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to reinstalled everything on ...

It is referring to the motherboard's chipset drivers for the PCI bus itself. The fact it is not 'not digitally signed' is of no importance.

An error code 29 often refers to a PCI device that is disabled in the computer's BIOS or at the hardware level.

Even though it is related to Windows98, this article may shed some light on the error: http://tinyurl.com/247my

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OK the driver not Digitally Signed is the Sound Driver

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to reinstalled everything on ...

These Realtech Sound Drivers are not Digitally Signed and you must install the AC97 Realtech Sound Driver before you log onto the Windows or Microsoft Update Server or you will be unable to install it and get the sound working.

If this is a E-Machines 590 those are the drivers provided by E-Machines for this unit. However if it is not a 590 they may not work.

It is possible however that owing to the fact that there are several Video Drivers and Network Drivers that install the incorrect ones may have prevented the correct one from working.

Instead of trying to Update the various Drivers from the Device Manager try installing them by Left Clicking on the actual Driver.

If that doesn't work try downloading Unknown Device Identifier from here and run it to see what the hardware actually is.


But to make the sound work on this computer You Will have to reinstall Windows and apply the Sound Driver Before logging onto the Windows or Microsoft Update Servers. As you already have these Drivers copy them to something you can use to load them from latter and if you have a M$ Install Disc as apposed to a System Makers Recovery Disc do a In Place Install by following the directions here


This will return the computer to a fresh Install but shouldn't cause you to loose any existing installed Software though you should have a Full Backup before proceeding just in case something goes wrong during the procedure.

Also Do Not enable Auto Update as this will prevent you from installing the Sound Drivers and any others that are not Digitally Signed though typically it is only the sound drivers affected.


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