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Device Repair Surface

By ishypd ·
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To any technicians or "fixy" people out there:
Do you find it difficult to keep track of your device's parts (e.g. screws etc.) when repairing it?
Do you think a work surface with storage space and maybe a light would be useful to you?
Thanks :)
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No not an issue here.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Device Repair Surface

The only thing I have on my work bench is a light so I can see inside things don't have any issues with screws or other bits I have to remove and the idea of containers on the work bench is fairly pointless for me at least. Only time I put anything into any form of container is when it needs cleaning and it gets soaked in the container that it is put in.

Not the ideal things for screws and the like but useful for the bigger bits that need removing.

The only time I have ever seen anyone who sticks everything into containers are people like Clock/Watch Repairers where they put everything into a container and then do whatever which takes a few hours/days and then when they return tot hat job they have all the parts that they removed.

If you however are doing one job at a time then not necessary.

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