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Devise a development process

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
Have you created your own development process, as featured in this week's Web Development Zone newsletter? If so, how is it similar to or different from the one the author of the newsletter describes? If you haven't built your own process, do you think you'll use the process in the newsletter as a guideline?

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I teach this subject

by pdhutch In reply to Devise a development proc ...

I have the priviledge of teaching this subject (program design & developement) at a local technical college. The Input, Process, and Output portion of the article the book, that I use, but the explaination he provided is much clearer. The BusinessLayer and UI paragraphs are also very good advice and well worth following in my opinion. I can't wait for part 2...

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Process or Architecture Design?

by solrak29 In reply to Devise a development proc ...

It seems to me that the approach mentioned in the article is a means to define how you should architect a design...not nessisarilly a process. Though, there are fine steps explained for each layer in the architecture.

I've come from one sectorof the industry to another which brought me from a SEI Level 5 project where processes are the best practices and well defined to where (what I would say) SEI Level 0 process. In working in such a environment (the SEI Level 0 process) one would have to define some order out of the chaos. And its no fault of Software Engineers as the drive for "time to market" seems to push things. So this is what I do...

First, I try to voice my opinoin and advise people the purpose and benefits of a process.

Second, I document as much as possible as the documentation of such design process leads you to really think about what your about to develop or developing. But there is a delicate balance that has to be achieved so you are productive in thelight of management. So here are my steps:

1. Create a directory with the project or major functional name.
2. Create my Concept document which defines what is required from the busniness point of view. Any question are directed at the rightpersonel.
2. Create my Function Spec (SRS) the defines what I have to do.
3. Architect the approach (this is where this articles process comes in handy ) if applicable.
Architecture document...
4. Design my approach. Design document. with documentation on how I would test what I am building.
5. Implement and test code.

Nothing formal here though I try to keep my layout of documents consistent and using diagrams from a specified standard (i.e. UML).....and sometimes everything can fit within one document.

This also helps when questions arrise about something I developed a year ago. I can just review the documentation and jog my memory.

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Missing Part 1

by watermt In reply to Devise a development proc ...

Can you tell me where I can locate Part 1 of this topic?

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