DFS Access From Non-Domain Computer

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Hello all,

I am a student working for a small office in a university. I have no access to the active directory, but I have been giving the task of documenting how to access folders on the DFS from a computer that has not been added to the domain. Seemed simple enough when first given the task.

When I go Start>Run and type in \\ it brings up the login window, in which I type ad/user and the appropriate password. Window pops up showing me all of the folders, but when I try to open up the folder I need, it tells me it is not accessible.

When I log into a computer that is on the domain with the same credentials, everything works fine. I can access the folders and everything. For some reason it just doesn't want to work when I'm doing it on a computer that is not on the domain.

Does this mean there are permission issues that are beyond my control, or is there more I can do?

Thanks in advance

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I could be wrong but.....

by robo_dev In reply to DFS Access From Non-Domai ...

the issue is that Win2003 server has this group called 'everyone', and by default, anonymous users (non domain PCs) do not have access to this group.

the fix, which will be very bad for security, is to enable 'everyoneIncludesAnonymous' setting on domain computers.

Other than that, it may be possible to explicitly create permissions to the userid that is used on the guest computers. Very tedious....

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