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DFS / FRS Help needed

By cblackburn ·
We recently setup a DFS network across on our WAN, but I'm running into a couple of problems... I've checked out MS's site, but was unable to find the answers I need... hopefully someone here will be able to help me.

Here are my questions/situation:

1) Our topology is setup such that we central HQ with frame links going about to 14 field offices. It would seem that when you setup a DFS system with replication, that AD automatically assumes you have a fully meshed topology, which we do not. Any WAN traffic from one office to another, must pass thru HQ.

In looking thru AD Users & Computers / System / FRS / DFS Volumes / DFS ... , I found the branch that appears to list the servers taking place in replication. My question is, can I start deleting values from the servers listed here... basically making it so the only server listed in 'office 1's key is the value for HQ?

2) If #1 is possible, how would I later add values back to 'office 1's key in case we later add a frame link (redudancey) directly between to out lying offices?

3) At the moment we have about 2 gigs worth of data getting replicated (not often updating tho). I just added another office to the replication scheme and now it apprears that every offices if being flooded by data. I was expect just the new office to get flooding as it's recieving the 2 gig of new data, however it appears many of the other offices are getting tons of data sent to them as well. Some offices that have long since been on the replication scheme now have 500+ meg sitting in their staging area area... any ideas why?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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