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DFS Headache

By taz1nl ·
Hi All,

I have a domain dfs structure with one root with two links which contain six link targets, which are all servers in various locations. At present I have two issues with this:

1. keep getting warning in the event log of one of the link target servers (which is set as master for replication purposes) saying "The File Replication Service paused because the staging area is full. Replication will resume if staging space becomes available or if the staging space limit is increased."

This is straightforward as I increased the size limit via the registry, but the problem is I am constantly getting this error even after increasing this size limit numerous times - it's 3gig now!! I have only enabled relication between two sites just to see if replication is working fine.

2. One of my link targets says status 'offline' and replication status 'unknown' but i don't know why this is (server is running fine and the root is perfectly accessible). This link happens to be the same server which is configured as the root. This was the similar setup in the past but we weren't getting these errors.

Anyone have any ideas? Please help!


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by BFilmFan In reply to DFS Headache

A couple of things you have probably looked at already, but didn't mention in your message:

1) Is the size of your SYSVOL + the size of your DFS shares greater than 3 gig?

Additionally, did you stop and restart the FRS service after changing the registry key? The service can be stopped and started from a command line with:

net stop ntfrs
net start ntfrs

Are you also seeing a 13511 error in the event logs?

2) I believe that your second issue is a known bug in DFS that was fixed with Service Pack 4 for Windows 2000. Details available here:

Additional thoughts are what Service Pack level are the servers running at?

There is fairly comprehensive troubleshooting guide tied to the event ID's for FRS here:

And a good collection of FRS info can be found here:

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by taz1nl In reply to DFS Headache


The SYSVOL size (78mb) + DFS shares = 6gig. I don't get the event error you mentioned, and I did restart ntfrs service when doing this. Only one of the six servers is w2k ( the rest are w2k3)but that is sp4 so I don't think the bug issue is relevant here.

But anyway now I have a different issue. A while after I posted initially, one of my collegues unwittingly went and screwed up the DFS!! So now my question is this:

I want to scratch the current DFS setup and start over. But how do I go about this in the proper way? Do I need to simply remove the roots/links etc from dfs admin tool? I heard that I may also need to clean each server that participated in DFS in so none of the mess is left from the prior configuration ie from the registry etc. How do I go about removing the root info and other DFS related stuff from the servers so I can start over without any problems?

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Thanks again,

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by Baz Spangle In reply to


You should just be able to delete the DFS roots and recreate them but I have had problems with this, so I used the DFSUtil.exe utility which cleared up the problem I had with one server thinking it still had a DFS root after I had deleted it. It is probably worth running dfsutil /clean:<servername> for all the servers after you have deleted everything.

DFSUtil is available on the Install media in Support/tools or can be downloaded from Microsoft but I only have a link for 2000 SP2 and the utility changed for SP4 so I wouldn't use that version. You should be able to find it by searching microsoft if like me your install media is in two pieces.



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by Baz Spangle In reply to

I forgot to add this link and can't edit my post
HOW TO: Force Deletion of DFS Configuration Information


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