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All server running 2003, SP2 (not SBS)

I have DFS replcation setup on 3 server and one of them showing "Not Eligible" status ,, under show replication status

Target status file replication

server 1 Online Not eligible
server 2 online Enabled
server 3 online Enabled

I have just added another DC with DFS replication. Replication seems to be working but now i get

Target Status file replication

Server 1 online Enabled
Server 2 online Enabled
Server 3 online Enabled
Server 4 Online Not eligible

What the **** happen? seems like "Not eligible" status just got tranfered to the new server. Is that normal? does that mean it became primary DFS and doesn't replicate or something?

Does anyone have anyidea? what going on here, Google search didn't help

I will be adding Server 5 in few weeks time so that mean then "Not eligible" will get transfer to the new server 5 again?

Now 5 mins ago I have added the new server 4 into the root Target manually and not both servers, Server 1 and server 4 saying File replication Not Eligible.

What is going on?

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