DFS replicator problem - ressources becomes unavailable

By steven ·
Hi there,
Here is my client infrastructure :
2 clustered Windows 2003 Storage server with 2 NAS attached.
All users are playing with their data on NAS1, the cluster is taking care of replication on NAS2. About 350Gb are on the NASes and users are mostly working with *.xls files. I have to tell you that they are hosting all *.pst files as well... with some of them going up to 4Gb O_O
What's happening now :
Ressource usage is abnormally high to my point of view (in performance monitor, HDD disk queue hitting 1000+, memore pages/s as well). When going too high, ressources are of course unavailable and we need to reboot both servers. But this won't happen more than let say twice a month.
Now, what we (think we) know :
Seems like when dfsr.exe decides to replicate data, it gets stuck somewhere, CPU utilization goes up to 50% (no more, system is still usable). We get in event log IDs 4304 4302 (sharing violation) and performance monitor goes crazy. We've check that all users are updating data only on 1 NAS. As I read on this forum, locks aren't supported by DFS, everybody has a read/write copy of the file. Event ID 4202 and 4204 as well for Staging events... I increased my staging folder from 15Gb to 50Gb I think (yes, very high, I'm still testing).
If you have any idea I could prospect on, I'd take. One more thing, don't tell me to install SP2 unless you have good reasons to do so Cause so far it's not, just an option we're thinking on.

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I have similar problems

by wnfaknd In reply to DFS replicator problem - ...

Though my problem happens almost daily.
Have you come up with a solution?

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by steven In reply to I have similar problems

nope :)

My customer still have this problem, if you find anything please let me know !

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R2 may be the solution

by skoller In reply to follow-up

I was having similiar problems and updated to R2 so that I would get the benefit of only replicating the changes to a file instead of the entire thing. So I won't suggest SP2 but I will suggest that the system get upgraded to R2.

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