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DFS shares mapperd using VBS

By Matt H ·
Hi All

For some reason I can't map to a DFS share from a VBS login script - I get 'Unable to connect to network share'. I get a If I use standard UNC paths to a server it works, if I do Run| \\dfsroot\sharename it works fine, but defeats the object of using DFS. I've wondered if it needs a different approach but I don't know that much about VBS - still learnin'! I've got:

Dim objFileSys

Set objFileSys = CreateObject ("Scripting.FileSystemObject" )

Is this correct?

eg: ('DOMAIN' is the domain name and DFS Root)

'K: Departments
If IsMember( "Domain Users" ) Then
Call MapDrive ("K:", "DOMAIN", "Departments")

The mapping bit goes...

If objFileSys.DriveExists(strDrive) = True Then
objWshNetwork.RemoveNetworkDrive strDrive, , True
End If

'Build path to share
strPath = "\\" & strDFSRoot & "\" & strShare

End If

strDFSRoot = domain/DFS Root
strShare = Share

Has anyone else seen this? It's a new domain and I can't go live untill this is sorted and it's realy starting to anoy me!


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by ena In reply to DFS shares mapperd using ...

This will not be the answer you are looking for, but have you patched the servers recently?

We are experiencing exactly the same issue. We noticed it happening the day after we applied some critical patches for our Win 2K servers.
811630, 810649, 814033, 329552.

Interestlingly mapping to the DFS root works (\\Domain\DFSRoot) all the time, but mapping further into the DFS fails(\\Domain\DFSRoot\share).

Is this close to your problem?

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