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By Ranc ·

Can anyone help me as im still new to windows admin.

I want to have the following set up:
- set up DFS on 2 servers on a single domain.
- have duplicate data on both servers.
- have each server point to its local shares.
- if one server should fail the remaining server would continue to service the clients with exactly the same data and that process should be seamless.
- i DO NOT want to be called in from holiday to attend to DFS issues.

Please excuse the use of improper terminology, im still learning.

Many thanx in advance.

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by christianshiflet In reply to DFS

To do this you first need to create a dfs root and namespace that contains all of your shares on one server. Then change the path used by clients to access the shares to use the dfs namespace instead of the server name. Once that is done you can create the dfs replica on the second server under the same dfs namespace. That way the data on both servers will be the same and will be fault tolerant if one server is down for some reason.

This is obviously an overview, not direct instruction. This article ( has some good info on replication and links to setting up the root and namespace, as well. Let me know if this helps or you have further questions. Thanks.

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by Ranc In reply to Re: DFS

Thanx a lot for pointing me in the right direction, here i what i ended up doing:

I setup DFS on one server, and created all the necesssary links. I then set up a root replica pointing to my backup DFS server and then setup replication between the two servers. From the test i carried out it looks like the solution that im looking for. Will continue to run some more tests, and if anything otherwise will come back to you.

Otherwise thanx again.

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Accessing DFS Namespace

by Ranc In reply to DFS

Hi again.

Im now having trouble accessing my DFS namespace via Start -> Run -> then i type in the domain name as domainname.local but it says network path not found.

Previously i could, and it would list all the shares available in the domain. I havent cahnged anything on my DNS or AD setup so im not sure what is causing that,

Please advise, anyone...

Many thanx.

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Different situation..

by otaku_lord In reply to DFS

I have the DFS setup and operating. I have a folder called "Dropbox" which is a catch-all folder for corporate and remote site to share files. I have turned off inhereted permissions to this folder and set it for EVERYONE to have full control. I have also verified that the changes are replicating successfully from the primary DFS share to the remote.

The probolem is that Domain users are able to copy but cannot delete or add files. Domain admins can. I have checked Effective permissions and it shows that Everyone has the ability to add/delete/whatever files and folders.

Would someone PLEASE shed some light on this issue for me?

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Check all permissions.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Different situation..

It sounds like you've set the NTFS file permissions, but not the share permissions. Or the other way around.

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You are...

by otaku_lord In reply to Check all permissions.

absolutely correct!!! I went back and checked the share permissions and domain users were still restricted to Read Only.

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Started a new thread here...

by otaku_lord In reply to Different situation..
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DO NOT want to be called in from holiday to attend to DFS issues

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to DFS

Wait until you get back then.

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