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By John.Schupp ·
We are doing a security review in our office and I have been tasked with redesigning the IP scopes used by DHCP in our domain. The goal is to be able to define access policy by user needs identifying users by what IP subnet they are in. I am wondering if you can control which scope a client computer is getting an IP address from by either user group or computer group. User group would be preferrable but it may or may not be worth it since lease times would probably have to be much shorter. Has anybody setup DHCP to do this in their organization? and if so how?

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Multiple Scopes

by LarryD4 In reply to DHCP/Active Directory Que ...

Hey John
We have a setup similar to what you are inquiring about. The Cisco routers we use in each of our locations has an iphelper app that sees a DHCP request on its internal network and requests the proper IP from the DHCP server for its network. So all you need to do is setup multiple scopes on your DHCP server for locations and as long as the helper app is on your routers and enabled, it should work.

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