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By dustin ·
Can you setup a DHCP server to assign the same ip address each time to a specific port?

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by Nimmo In reply to DHCP advanced config

You don't assign IP addresses to ports (unless you mean ports on a managed switch) they are assigned to the actual NIC's of devices. You can make exclusions in your DHCP server and then manually configure static addresses on certain devices though.

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sorry maybe I explained this wrong...

by dustin In reply to DHCP

What I Need: To have a DHCP give the same IP address to any device that connects to one specific port.
My Setup: I have multiple devices that connect and disconnect to one specific port. I have a route setup for a specific IP address. So I need that specific IP address sent to any device that connects to that port.
Question: Can I use DHCP to do this?

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Use a managed switch

I am not sure if this is what you need, but you could setup multiple VLAN's (one per port) and have the device attached to that port get the assigned IP address.

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by dustin In reply to Use a managed switch

yes i was thinking about that as well...

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