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DHCP Advanced Configuration

By jvaldes ·
I would like so setup a more advanced configuration for dhcpd...

I have clients that are relayed from various routers and need to get DHCP addresses from different subnets (a different subnet for each router).

Does any one have this scenario working in a production environment?

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Helper Address

by llmorrison In reply to DHCP Advanced Configurati ...

If you're using Cisco routers, you will need to add a helper address on the routers of the DHCP server. It's like a bootp request and it needs the helper address to be forwarded from one subnet to the next. The biggest problem with this senario isif the line goes down ... If you're in a fairly stable environment, it is really not a problem. I was using a Microsoft DHCP server. I'm sure there are other ways to approach this also.

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MS Scopes.- Cisco

by paul In reply to DHCP Advanced Configurati ...

Doing it using Microsoft NT.
You will need a new scope for each of the subnets you are using. Include the default router information, MS DHCP will assign the addresses based on the router that forwards the DHCP request.
If using MS Clients, NT4 and 9x, they will only use five options. (Default router, TCP-IP Domain name, DNS Server, Wins Server, Wins type)

Doing it using Cisco routers.
Most cisco routers are able to act as DHCP servers......
Check Cisco web site for IOS versions. Most models With 12.x have it as standard.
This has the advantage that if the link is down, your clients still get an address.

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