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    DHCP and connecting to backup server


    by sue t ·

    We are just starting to use DHCP but I can?t get the workstations to see the servers that our people backup to. What setting or service, etc. do I have to change so they can connect to the servers? Our setup is our DHCP server is a Mac OS X server. The workstations are running Windows 98se and the servers they are to be able to see are running NT4 sp6. I set up the Windows 98 machines to use DHCP and they are working great except for this problem. They are able to use the internet and they can also connect to my computer which is a Win 98se with sharing turned on if they right click on Network Neighborhood and pick Find Computer and enter my computers IP address. They also have no problem printing. From the workstations I can ping the server they backup to but it does not show in Network Neighborhood (nor does anything else), if I click on Find Computer and enter the servers IP address it can?t find it either. Is there a service or something that I have to turn on on the NT4 server? Or maybe I am missing something in Protocols or something on the workstations. Please don?t assume I have something set or have the correct items checked in tcp/ip because I am learning this as I go along. The only other thing I can think to add is that if I use a static IP on the workstations everything works great and the server is available. The server is using a static IP and is on a different subnet, gateway. I did try changing the IP, subnet and gateway on the server to be the same as the workstations running DHCP but that didn?t fix the problem either. Thank you for any help or guidance you can provide.

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      by joseph moore ·

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      Set up a WINS server on one of the NT4Servers. Then add the WINS address as one of the DHCP options, so the DHCP server sends the IP address of the WINS server to all DHCP clients.
      Windows uses WINS (in theory!) to handle all of this name resolution and Network Neighborhood visibility.

      So, on a NT4Server, right-click on Network Neighborhood -> Properties.
      On the Services tab, click ADD, and add a WINS Server. You will need the NT4 Server CD at this point. Put it in the CD ROM drive, and there you go! That should install WINS.

      Reboot the server when WINS install is done.

      Next, when the server is back up, put on SP6a. REboot again.

      NExt, when the server is up again, click STart

      -> Programs -> Administrative Tools -> WINS Manager. I think that the new WINS server should be listed. If not, then Connect to the WINS server (yes, you would add the IP address of the NT4 Server itself).

      Then in the DHCP settings, add the WINS server setting.

      Refresh the IP addresses on the clients, and the WINS server should then be listed on them.

      AFter that, this should work.

      hope this helps

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      Reply To: DHCP and connecting to backup server

      by miotti ·

      In reply to DHCP and connecting to backup server

      It sounds to me that it looks like a problem with protocols.

      If you say that your Win NT connects to the Mac machine just fine, try to check the protocols the NT machine has.

      It sounds like you need to install a third-party protocol, ’cause I do not think that Win98 includes it.
      Let me know how it works…


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      Reply To: DHCP and connecting to backup server

      by sue t ·

      In reply to DHCP and connecting to backup server

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