DHCP and vlan membership change

By t.pieters ·
Hi folks,

The setup: hp Procurve 3400cl with ip routing enabled, 3 static vlans (ids 1, 11, 11), dhcp-relay agent enabled on the 3400cl (relaying to on vlan 1), win 2003 dhcp configured (1 scope per vlan: 10.0.x.100-10.0.x.200 where x is the vlan id).

The question: dhcp-relaying seems to be working fine as long as the vlan membership does not change. However, when the vlan membership of a workstation changes (f.e. when a laptop is plugged into another switchport on a different vlan), i expect it to be assigned another ip address from the dhcp which unfortunately is not the case (even after a manual dhcprelease): the dhcp server keeps assigning the ip address the workstation had on the previous vlan...

Verified the content of the incoming packets on the dhcp server with wireshark, and it seems to be containing the correct ip of the source vlan (used for determining the right scope...

I'm a little bit puzzled here, does anybody have any pointers?

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