DHCP and VLans

By ondrej.pasch ·
Hi all of you,
I have issue with DHCP server configured in W2k3 server for VLans.
I use multiple VLans with DHCP superscopes because of security. Everything works correctly, but only when user moves with lapton between VLans, he doesn't get new IP settings, but the old one. With (at the situation) incorrect default gateway. The only way to move "corectly" is to release IP settings, disconnect network cable, change place and then connect again. Then user gets new IP settings. But if he doesn't release, he gets the same IP settings as he had before, which is in that moment incorrect.
May I ask you what settings do I have to set up in Windows DHCP server it to be able to recognize I am moving and gives me new IP address, or gives me new IP address anytime I disconnect and then connect the network?


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dhcp lease

by kgr1gr In reply to DHCP and VLans

if i understund well you use RRas server for Vpn connections , to control the leases of Dhcp separetly for the Rass server , go to dhcp server open the scope options ,and choose the advance tab ,the choose from user classes the default Routing and remote access clase otion .on the avaliable otions choose the option with the number 51 .
in the data entry you must put the period of the lease in seconds ,make the maths for 24 hours in seconds put the number in decimel ,it will auto transalete it into Hex , so no need to put the number in Hex ,press alpy and your are ready .
The entire network will still have the lease of the scope that you have choose from the time you create it , and the Rass leases they will have lease for 24 hours .
i hope that it will help you !

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by ondrej.pasch In reply to dhcp lease

I am sorry I am not talking about VPN. I just talk about DHCP server used in VLan environment. All users work in one department and someone is moving from office to office and disconnect and reconnect. In the department there is setup network with VLans. So users are moving from VLan to VLan (I use 5 VLans - servers, printers, users1 to 3).

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Did you resolve this?

by idontownthis In reply to Hi,

Hi Ondrej,

I was wondering if you found a solution to this as I have the same issue.


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