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By Banky ·
Can any one help out. I run Windows 2003 Server as my DHCP server and i have over 10 VLANS on my network. How can i make my DHCP server serve all the Machines on my network irrspective of the VLAN they belong to.


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by CG IT In reply to DHCP and VLANS

DHCP relay agent

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by Zen37 In reply to DHCP and VLANS

If you have Cisco switches, the relay can be accomplished with the command "IP HELPER-ADDRESS <IP OF YOUR DHCP SERVER>" in each of your vlan statements

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by UncleGeorge In reply to DHCP and VLANS

You've got some answers. Yes, your switch does probably have IP helper addresses. You would enter the address of the DHCP server for all VLANs. But, in Win03 DHCP, you will also need to add scope statements for all those VLANs. One of the more important, and unique to each VLAN, of scope additions would be the IP gateway, e.g. the router port serving that VLAN segment. There's others. Though about what happens if that server dies yet?

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Yes you can

by rbi-in In reply to DHCP and VLANS

Yes you can do that by creating different scopes in DHCP server with gateway's as the VLAN's IP.

We have done similary in our network & it is working fine.

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