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DHCP & Default Gateway config FAILED... (no internet, WinXP)

By rbse ·

DHCP & Default Gateway config FAILED... (no internet, WinXP) is the problem.

Everything was working fine, and has been for better than a year, then the internet just stopped.

I used my "WinPing MFC Application" ("InstantHelp.exe") to generate this report:

Probing Network Adapters... passed.
1 adapters are found.

Probing connected network adapters... passed.
At lease one Adpater is connected - OK!

Probing DHCP configurations... failed.

Probing local IP statck... passed.
Local IP stack intact!

Probing the gateway configuration... failed.

Found: Default Gateway is not configured.

If static IP is configured, please configure default gateway.
If Dynamic IP is configured, restart the device.
Otherwise restart the local router/DSL/Cable modem.
Probing SMTP Server... failed.
Found: SMTP server is down.

Probing POP Server... failed.
Found: POP server is down.

Probing POP Server... failed.
Found: POP server is down.

I have tried resetting everything to no effect.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Robert Stretton

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might consider

by CG IT In reply to DHCP & Default Gateway co ...

telling us what all this info refers to.

Does [no internet WinXP] mean that this refers to your desktop?

or is the information from your consumer level router or DSL modem/router?

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Troubleshooting Report Results:

by rbse In reply to might consider

I have WinXP as my OS on my desktop.
My internet on my dektop failed.
I have a troubleshooting program for broadband access called "InstantHelp.exe" that I used to generate the above report, in quotes.

I need to know how to "PASS" the "FAILED" items.

I use a Cable Modem / Wi-Fi Router / Wi-Fi Ethernet Bridge to the remote computer, that has the Internet Access problem.

Does that help?

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by CG IT In reply to Troubleshooting Report Re ...

ok need some more clarification. Is the setup cable modem >>> Wi-Fi router>>> desktop? and do you use wireless or wired?

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My hardware is as follows:

by rbse In reply to hummm

Cable Modem to Wi-Fi Router.
Main Computer is hardwired to port -1-.
Second Computer is Wi-Fi to the Router through an ethernet bridge.
The second computer has no more access.

Does that help further?

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by Grey Hat Geek In reply to My hardware is as follows ...

Why are you going through an ethernet bridge?

It should be this

Internet----->Cable Modem----->connection from cable modem to wireless router

Plug your desktop into port 1 on the wireless router, then you need to go into the router and set it up for wireless access for your laptop. The wireless router is more than likely acting as your DHCP server (giving out ip addresses to your network). You do not need it in bridged mode. What wireless router do you have?

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to add to info's suggestion...

by CG IT In reply to Bridge?

the wireless router ought to have come with instructions. Best to read them. If you don't have em, the mfg probably has it available on their web site. I'd get em and follow them.

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When is the last time you unplugged the cable modem?

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to My hardware is as follows ...

They need to be unplugged periodically or they stop working. Some sort of static buildup in the end that plugs into the receptacle.

If you haven't unplugged it for awhile, unplug it for a few minutes, then plug it back in and try everything again.

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Simple and effective: Problem Solved

by rbse In reply to When is the last time you ...

Thank you for your simple yet effective suggestion, it worked this time.

Thanks to all for your help on this.

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by Grey Hat Geek In reply to DHCP & Default Gateway co ...

From what I can decipher from your post, you seem to be having router/cable modem problems. Your computer is not going to get a DHCP address if it cannot even find the default gateway. Are you on a cable modem, or DSL? Whichever it is, I would suggest that you check your modem or your router (if you are using one for your network. Do you have a router that is acting as the DHCP server, or is your cable modem set as the DHCP server? Try resetting either/or.

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Tried the resetting route...

by rbse In reply to Okay....

Not sure where to set the DHCP server?

The main computer works fine on the cable modem / wi-fi router.

It's the remote wi-fi computer that has failed the connection.

Thanks for all your help.

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