dhcp et dns sous mandriva (linux)

By sidali ·
hello every body, i have a half-project for my studies, its a intranet in my compus, (unuviersit?) so i find deicult to make in a dhcp with dynamyque dns ?
Q1 - how can i start to do it?
Q2 -mmust i turn the PC (OS) on root ?
if yes ( in my distrubution mandriva i can't enter with root) even the root and password is true ?!
thnks eevry body
waiting for your helps

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by zefficace In reply to dhcp et dns sous mandriva ...

Clairement, pour avoir utilise le mot "et" ainsi que le mot "sous", vous etes plus francophone qu'anglophone, et votre texte en anglais est disont, difficile a comprendre, car je n'ai aucune idee de ce vous voulez faire.

Peut-etre vaudrait-il mieux de choisir un forum mandriva francais. L'aide sur mandriva sera certainement formulee plus precisement par ses utilisateurs meme, et il n'y aura pas de barriere des langues.

Enfin, normalement, la configuration du reseau demande d'etre "root", soit par la commande "sudo" en console, ou par l'acces d'outils graphiques necessitant le mot de passe root. Puisque je n'ai aucune idee de ce que vous entendez faire, je ne puis vous aider plus amplement.

Bonne chance

(Evitez les accents, ils ne fonctionnent pas ici)

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by sidali In reply to Desole...

voila je vous explique,
je suis en fin d'?tude, je suis entrain de faire un mini-projet ( intranet sous linux avec messagerie publique ) .
donc pour la pratique, j'ai juste 4 poste, les adresses sont els suivants:, 1,2.., 4.
j'ai comanc?e ? mettre on disposition le server DNS qui doit etre mis a jour par un server DHCP, ce dernier sera sur le meme poste avec DNS, voia j'ai tout configurer mais a chaque fois j'arrive pas a r?ussir mon travaille... donc pouvez vous me dirig?, vraiment je suis tres en retart et je trouve meme de l'aide par mes prof car eux aussi, ils sont mem pas ecl?r? dans le domain. merci, portez vous bien Monsieur

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by zefficace In reply to explicatioon

Avez-vous verifie votre routeur? Autant pour le DNS que pour le DHCP, il faut que le routeur soit configure pour faire ces requetes a votre serveur. En particulier, tous les router sont serveur DHCP par defaut, il faut donc desactiver cette option. Voila peut-etre pourquoi votre serveur ne fout rien, c'est que le routeur ne lui demande rien!

Par ailleurs, je ne m'y connais pas beaucoup en intranet, mais google est notre ami! Avec le tutoriel qui suit et celui dans mon autre "post" intitule "en fait", vous devriez avoir tout ce dont vous avez besoin...

Mes connaissances Linux et resaux ne sont malheureusement pas suffisante. Je vais traduire le tout en anglais pour que les autres comprennent.

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En fait...

by zefficace In reply to dhcp et dns sous mandriva ...

Regarde ici, parce que je pense que je sais ce que tu veux faire...

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Try this out...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to dhcp et dns sous mandriva ...

You can create a new icon (on the desktop or in your menu) for 'konqueror'
and right-click it and select 'Properties'. Within that menu you can set
it to run as a different user, and in this case you would use 'root'.

You can use 'drakedm' to switch to a different login manager (like the
original KDE login manager) which will allow you to login as root (although
this is not recommended, as all applications that require root access will
ask for it).

Press 'CTRL-ALT-ESC' and 'xkill' will pop-up. It is now a part of XFree,
and not a seperate package.

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A translation...

by zefficace In reply to dhcp et dns sous mandriva ...

This guy want to set up an intranet for the use of his campus. The intranet would have a public messaging service. In doing so, he want to set up both a DNS and DHCP server on the same machine using Mandriva Linux. Up to now, his attemps have failed, and needs guidance as to what to try next.

Now I found him 2 tutorials in french, but I have limited knowledge... So if anyone wants to help, this is what to original post is about.

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a couple of steps needed

by Jaqui In reply to dhcp et dns sous mandriva ...

bind, the dns software, isn't a simple configuration. reading the man pages and articles about securing it will be the most important part.
the second most important thing needed is to pay the money to become a registrar of domain names. [ the only reason to use bind instead of the isp's dns servers. ]

dhcpd is much more straightforward to configure.
first thing is to use a static ip on the server itself.
then in the dhcpd configuration you need to give it an ip block to work with. this block has to be large enough to support the triple number of users the university expects to have. [ smartphones on top of student laptops etc ]

The easiest way to configure both, once you understand them is to use the Drak Xtools configuration wizards. you can log in as a regular user, click the configure my computer icon on the taskbar and enter the root password when prompted to. Mandriva locks root login out on purpose, but makes it easy to access the admin tasks by supplying the root password. :)

edit to add:

even though Canada is officially bilingual with French and English, on the west coast, where I am, French is pretty much unused. I forgot what little was pounded into my head in school from a complete lack of use of it.

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Drak Xtools

by sidali In reply to a couple of steps needed

thnx foor explication, but tell me how can i get Drak XTOOLs ?!!
and how can i install it in my pc ?!!
i realy need a help because i m so late and its the first things to go on for other things like apache, messagerie, FTP, ..etc ...
so can i do to resolt the problem, thx
i m waiting for your helps .... merci

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with Mandriva

by Jaqui In reply to Drak Xtools

Drak Xtools, also called Mandriva Control Centre and Drakwizards, is installed by default.

the wizards aren't, but you start the tools up and use the add / remove software to install them.

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ok, but please speak me about the DNS

by sidali In reply to with Mandriva

hya, hope y are ok friend, so look, i can't make on a DNS server, i setting up the following files "named.conf" "named.local" and the files of zone tooo and revrse resolution of names... so if you want see my files, i will sent it to you or put it here in this websire ?!!
wait for your help friend

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