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DHCP giving out bad IP Addresses

By maryba ·
We are running DHCP Server at work. My end users login by my BDC. Recently I have noticed that My DHCP is assigning Bad IP Addresses. Causing Conflicts. I have checked my DHCP Manger and I have checked all end users to make sure there is no conflict with a static IP Address. Do you have any thoughts on what could be causing this? It seems to only happen to the workstations running Windows 95 not NT Workstation.

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DHCP giving out bad IP Addresses

by RAMAC-9846778 In reply to DHCP giving out bad IP Ad ...

If your DHCP server is on the PDC then maybe the PDC and BDC are not synchronizing correctly or your users could be just shutting off their workstations and not shutting down properly. If they just shut off power then the DHCP server and the BDC will have conflicting info about what IPs are in use.

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DHCP giving out bad IP Addresses

by McKayTech In reply to DHCP giving out bad IP Ad ...

Normally I would first think of a problem with the scope definition (particularly the range and any exclusions as they might related to static IP addresses in use).

But I recently had a problem that sounded a little like yours and it turned out to be a rogue DHCP server on the network (a router that had been accidentally configured to serve DHCP addresses when it wasn't supposed to).

The conflicts arise because DHCP servers don't communicate with one another so if you're using a common default subnet scheme (like a Class C network on, each server could assign the same IP to a different workstation.

I generally look very closely at the output of IPCONFIG /ALL (or WINIPCFG /ALL on Windows95) and often get clues from that as to where the problem is.


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DHCP giving out bad IP Addresses

by maryba In reply to DHCP giving out bad IP Ad ...

I want to say thank you for trying to help it still is having the same problem but now it is including the NT workstations. I am still trying to find out what is up so for now I have asigned static IP's for all users that log in downstairs.

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