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DHCP IP reservations Security

By ztech123 ·
I am curious, is there any security benefits of establishing IP reservations for clients on my network, I have about 30. Such that each machine would always get assigned the same IP based on MAC address. Ive done it for the printers, and considering it for the machines, but was unsure if its a good move or if it is not good; I am trying to enhance security.

Anyone have any security or other input, thanks in advance.

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by ztech123 In reply to DHCP IP reservations Secu ...

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by voldar In reply to DHCP IP reservations Secu ...

The only benefit is the following: if you use reservations for ALL your computers, and your IP's subnet range ready for leas by your DHCP is restricted to those 30 IPs, no new computer will be able to connect to your network unless you give to it the rights of doing that!

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by ewgny In reply to DHCP IP reservations Secu ...

One security benefit that I can think of is that you may want to keep a grouping of workstations
with contiguous IP addresses for firewall rules.
For example, no outbound port 80 for
You could also could prevent the DHCP server from giving out IP addresses by keeping your reservations in an exclusion zone and configuring DHCP not to distribute IP addresses past the exclusion zone. An unauhorized person trying to connect to your network would have to know the private IP range/subnet you are using to get onto your network. Although this doesn't give your network a level of High security, it makes it more difficult.

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