DHCP Issue - Not Connected

By johnny.powell ·
I have a win2k advanced server which is running as both my terminal server for thin clients and as a dhcp server for my laptops.... and everytime the server is locked (ctrl+alt+del) or logged off (not shut down) the dhcp loses connection, if I log back in and bring it up in admin tools it will show the dhcp server as "not connected" and as soon as I click on it it connects....

is there somewhere in these settings I'm missing a box to check that tells it not to "disconnect" ???? I don't want to leave my server logged in 24/7... not very good security practice :)

the server is updated as far as windows updates go, SP4 and such.... I can't think of what else would be causing me issues... please throw suggestions my way or let me know how you've solved this if you have run into the same issue...

thank you

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You mean the DHCP console connection drops, not the

by robo_dev In reply to DHCP Issue - Not Connecte ...

Not the DHCP services to the Clients, correct? Do any shares mapped to the server also timeout?

The console timeout is related, I believe, to the way Windows times out all network connections...default is 15 seconds.


The Idle Session Time value indicates the automatic disconnect period. To change the value, use the NET command again, as follows:


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not sure...

by johnny.powell In reply to You mean the DHCP console ...

the server in the list of dhcp itself is marked as "not connected" and then the laptops give all kinds of fits and pick up 169.x.x.x addresses which are not in the scope, and won't let users log in because "the domain can not be contacted" all of which I assumed was a result of the "not connected" that changes to "active" status when I click on the name of the server in the tree in the dhcp window....
we don't have any shares mapped to the server, students have to go to the network and a student server to get to their folders....

does that still all point to windows timing out of network connections?

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Not autoDisconnect

by jwilliams In reply to DHCP Issue - Not Connecte ...

This does sound like an issue related to "autodisconnect" to me. autodisconnect issues would be like....I don?t... 10 people trying to print at the same time on an xp print server and the print server disconnects 5 of the connections and refuses to let them print. This sounds to me like you are using the wrong authentication method for you DCHP Service. Go into your services and ensure that your DHCP has the proper credentials. It sounds like it loses it credentials when to run this service when ever the machine is locked or logged off. Hope this helps

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I ment "Does not "

by jwilliams In reply to Not autoDisconnect

Sound like autodisconnect

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Time to look at the logs and the service.

by bart777 In reply to DHCP Issue - Not Connecte ...

Make sure that the DHCP service is set to automatic and is staying in that started state. The next time it happens open the computer management screen on YOUR pc and connect to the server. Look at the DHCP service and see if it's started. If it is then look at the system and application logs. There should be an error in there telling you why the server has stopped. Sometimes DHCP will shut itself off if it detects another DHCP server on the network. I've seen this before. Hopefully the log will tell you this.

If you still do not have an answer then I would jot down the setting for the scope and delete the entire thing.
Remove DHCP as a service.
Reinstall the service.
Recreate the scope.

Thsi is a relatively quick process. No more than about 10 minutes unless you have a ton of reservations and exclusions.

Let us know what you find.

Best of luck

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of all things

by johnny.powell In reply to Time to look at the logs ...

so far, it's looking like corrupt encryption... we removed the wep encryption from the three ap's in the problem area and then added it again, redoing them and so far it's behaving, I'm giving it a few days to see how long that lasts :)

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