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Hello guys,

I've got one problem. I have dhcp server which sholud supply ip addresses on four subnets. The problem is that I want for clients on specific subnet to get ip address from specific range. For example: client issue broadcast message requesting dhcp server, dhcp offers him ip address and what I want to happen is that that offer is from specific range for that subnet for example So is there ayn way to configure client (like set dhcp class on client maybe) so dhcp could recognize from which pool of ip address should it offer a lease??

Offcourse if I've a router and every network segment goes to one router's nic which is configured with ip address from that range,dhcp will know from which range to issue ip address am I wright? But the problem is that I have Linux firewall/gateway and three nic's. One nic is connected to my adsl modem and is configured with pppoe connection and firewall separates those two networks (private and public). Two other nics are in bond mode (trunk mode) so there's only two nic's (one with pppoe and the other one virtually adapter). That virtually adapter ip address is for example and four alias ip addresses (for every subnet) so when broadcast message reaches dhcp it sees request from

Is there way around this? Some solution maybe which I can apply to my clients so dhcp will know by client configuration from which pool to issue a lease. Thanks

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