DHCP Leases

By matt.pigman ·
I have a W2K Server running as a DHCP Server. The DHCP scope is with no exclusions and no reservations. The DHCP Statistics for the scope say that there are 2 available addresses, but looking at the lease records I come up with 22 available addresses. My question is; Is this discrepancy just an issue with the stats, or is the DHCP server for some reason not handing out all available address? If it is the latter, how do I correct this?

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by Churdoo In reply to DHCP Leases

It is possible that the server, after issuing what it thinks are the 2 available IP's, will think it's all out and will not hand out more, thereby causing failures.

Go into the dhcp mmc, right-click on the scope, and Reconcile. This should make all IP's available again.

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I would suggest

by tintoman In reply to DHCP Leases

that this is because the addresses leases are still current, that is the computers which were allocated those addresses may not be still connected but the leases have not yet expired and being kept available in case they are required again within the lease time

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