DHCP not giving IP address' on Server 2003

By rorymartin@complusteltron ·
Hi, Just having a few issues here, I've got an HP Proliant DL380 that I am setting up. Its part of the big network yet but I had a couple of machines connected to it. It was all going fine and now suddenly the DHCP has stopped giving IP address'.

Any machine I connect to it gets limmited or no connectivity and a 169 address. If I put in the address manually its fine.

I have checked that its activated and Autherised etc. Stopped and started the DHCP server, Removed the scope and put it back in. Everything I can think of,

Any ideas?

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Shutdown the DHCP server and the router it is connect to for 15 minutes..

Then boot up the router, make sure it is ok and on line. Then fire up the DHCP server.
Hope all goes well.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this information is useful, please mark as helpful. Thanks.

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Thanks for the reply.... However

Hi, Its not actually got a router connected to it yet, its litterally the server, into a switch. I have tried all the shutting down ideas, the server itself, the services the switch everything I can think of, and still. Limmited or no connectivity..

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